Dot Plan

In the good ol’ days, most users had a file in their home directory called .plan, the contents of which were remotely downloable via finger. Your “dot plan” was typically a description of what you were currently working on; this is my attempt to recreate that.¹

My professional energies of late are focused on getting Codehof launched. The search engine portion is going live Any Day Now™. I’ve been indexing the contents of about 20 different Linux distributions, and plan to do a bunch of cool stuff with the data.

Codehof is participating in YCombinator’s Startup School. It’s been great to chat with other startup founders whose companies are at a similar stage. Doing so has very much refined my thinking about the business, and how I describe it to others.

I recently ran Hood To Coast, and I’m trying not to let my running distance drop off like it typically does after a race. I’d like to run one more race before the year is up. Unfortunately, the Las Vegas Rock N’ Roll Marathon conflicts with the Hackaday Superconference this year. (I’m looking forward to attending the latter.)

I’ve been slowly working my way through Guitar Aerobics. Some of the riffs in this book are seriously hard, especially for someone who’s never before played any jazz or metal!

I’ve been using Anki for memorization. The newest cards in my deck cover the periodic table, some anatomy/medical terms, and various alphabets: Hiragana, IPA, Greek, and Cyrillic.

Alethea & I will be at Wasteland Weekend in September, and Desert Daze in October.

My space program is on hold until the weather cools down a bit. I have all the bits for a high-altitude balloon, including an APRS beacon I built out of a PocketBeagle, and Android-based software I wrote which downloads weather data from NOAA and predicts the balloon’s track. I also have a couple of model rockets which have yet to fly - hopefully this will be remedied later in the fall.

All that being said, I’m also on the lookout for consulting opportunities. If you’re working on something cool and need help, let’s chat!

¹ “Dot plan” has very similar goals to Derek Sivers’ now page movement.